Upgrading my graphic card

I have Intel Core 2 Duo E 6700 2.66
750 W power supply
4 Gb Ram
and atm 2 x 8600 GTS in sli on pci-e 1.00
and 15" screen :lol: but i will replace it soon with 22" :sol:

I would like to spend around 150- 200 pounds, what would be the best graphic card to go for, btw there is only one block of space between pci-e.

Thank You
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  1. I had the SAME sli in the past, but with an OCed E6850 ( that i still have ).

    my SLI 8600GTS 3dmark06 : 9000

    Single EVGA 9800GTX+ SC : 13500 ( non OCed CPU )
    Single EVGA 9800GTX+ SC : 14600 ( OCed CPU )
    SLI BFG 9800GTX+ OC : 16521 ( OCed CPU )

    I have a 22" monitor, im playing @ 1650x1080 (3dmark06 on default) and had really nice perf with a single GTX+ that is pretty cheap since the GTS250 is out.

    Depand on where your living. The best bang is probably a HD4870 or her lil sister the HD4850 (similar to a 9800GTX). Slight better would be a GTX260.
  2. @ morfinel: Look to the HD4870 (1Gb if you can find it under buget) or GTX 260.
    Overclockers currently have two screamingly good deals on both but you`ll have to act quickly, `coz they`re on promo!
    And no, neither is much better than the other;)
  3. Thank you !! That 4870 sure look beastie :D Actually since there are few major graphic cards caming up soon I think in few weeks time the price of 4870 and GTX 260 should drop a little, This sure is great price, Sadly I'm from uk :(
  4. 1. Two used 9800GTX/GTX+ in SLi ~$220-$240 USD
    2. Two used 4850s in Xfire ~$220-$240 USD
    3. Two new 8800GTs or 9800GTs in SLi ~$180-$200
    4. Two new 4830s in Xfire ~$180
    5. 1 4870 1GB ~$180-$200 USD
    6. 1 GTX260 216 core ~$180-$200 USD
  5. I just bought 4870 1GB for 118 pounds including postage its brand new only used once for test, new boxed is 180 pounds :) I'm happy.
    My 15 " monitor will cry when he'll see my new baby :lol:
  6. no use for your 15". youll see the real benefit on your futur 22".
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