Card needs for a 52" LCD Playing Video

Would anyone be able to estimate what kind of graphics card I would need to power a 52" LCD at 1920X1080 resolution? I am not going to be playing games on it, just watching movies full screen based off of internet content like Hulu.

I guess I could include X Fire or SLI as options but the key is that I am looking for the cheapest solution possible (i.e. the lowest price to do the job and no more).

Also, does system memory have much effect on this? I am guessing it doesn't as long as I am not running other apps while viewing (outside of essentials like AV and Firewall).

Thanks in advance.

Also of note, I currently have a 6800GT running the system on AGP and it just barely gets by on 800X600.
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  1. I think that the memory on the video card itself is most important when playing on a screen that big. Try to find a card with 1GB of GDDR3 or better. Do not buy anything with GDDR2.

    An ATI 4670 1GB should be fine. You can go up to an ATI 4870 1GB if you want to, but you wouldn't need it for just movies. The 4670 1GB is only about $90. You could do alright with a 512MB card if you want to save a little money.

    (All these cards are for a PCI-Express 16x slot. For AGP, your best choice is an ATI 3850 512MB for $120+.)
  2. 4670 can't use all 1GB because it's too weak. The 512mb version is more than enough
  3. Thanks for the replies. I will shoot for the 4670 with 512 unless I find the price difference with the 1 gig is insubstantial.

    Yeah I will have to go with an inexpensive MB/CPU combo to reach PCI-Express on it. I have some extra DDR2 for the System memory I can use. Thanks again.
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