New system, what do yall think?

What do yall think about my new Rig?

Cooler Master HAF
ASUS Rampage II Extreme
Corsair 1000HX
Core i7 920 2.66
Cooler Master V8
Western Digital Caviar 1Tb
Western Digital VelociRaptor 300Gb
Patriot 6Gb (3x2Gb) 1333
Vista Ultimate 64-bit

yes i will be overcolcking
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  1. The 1000w PSU is overkill unless you will SLI later. I wouldn't have gotten Ultimate, its got a lot of extra features that aren't worth the price over Home Premium. The Rampage Extreme isn't really worth it IMO unless you get watercooling, you will be limited by temperatures before you will be limited by the OC'ing potential of the P6T Deluxe with air cooling.

    Overall the system looks very nice though. If you haven't already bought the parts then I would make those changes, if its already up and running then post some pictures for us!
  2. i do plan on eventually to SLI with another 295 in the future and eventually wc, as for the ultimate, well it is ultimate

    i want to be able to expand this computer and give it enough headroom for the future
  3. Sounds like you did a good job building it then. How about those pics? :P
  4. And in regards to what I said before, I can't fault you for getting better parts than what I would have bought. Those parts are very nice, and just cuz I can't justify getting them for the price doesn't mean they are bad decisions for you. It doesn't sound like money was that big of a concern for you ;)
  5. thanks, i haven't ordered the parts yet because i'm doing it through my school, we made a computer builders club at school which allowed us to order in bulk and get a reasonable discount as well as tax free so i believe we will start putting the computers together next monday or so. i would have rather just built the computer myself but i couldn't turn down the discounts
  6. Your school is ordering the rampage extreme in bulk? wow you got a nice group of well endowed PC fanatics there. The P6T Deluxe will OC like a champ and I like its layout better than the rampage to be honest. I would suggest you get that and save $100 instead, most likely more people will be able to afford it an you can get a better discount.
  7. that came out a little wrong, everyone is buying all their parts in one single order which ends up being around $45,000. we have people ranging from $200 linux builds to a $3000 gameing rig
  8. IC. Your build looks great. I see no need to change the parts you chose unless you want to save more money, but sounds like you will be getting a great deal on your parts so you might as well go ahead with it.
  9. OK how about this

    Cooler Master HAF
    ASUS P6T deluxe
    EVGA GTX 295
    Corsair 1000HX
    Core i7 920 2.66
    Cooler Master V8
    Western Digital Caviar 1Tb
    Patriot 6Gb (3x2Gb) 1333
    Vista Home Premium 64-bit

    this leaves $500 in my buget, what should i do next?
  10. That looks like a solid build. I don't see a monitor in there - with $500, you could get a nice one, or save the $500 for the future GPU/RAM, etc.
  11. what monitor do u suggest?
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