ATI HD 4890 vs Nvidia GTX 275

So its a few days before the battle of GTX275 and HD 4890 is out.

I am making a poll to predict the speed !
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  1. "The card will have a tough time beating GTX275 and it definitely lags behind GTX285, but the HD 4890 should at least have a better price performance ratio. "
    - fud

    Okay cast in ur votes!

  2. Fud generally lives up to his name.

    This is the same guy that was proclaiming this a new chip just under a month ago. The numbers I have seen already put this ahead of the 275 at stock and on par or better than the 285 when overclocked.
  3. Ummm just wondering where FUaD got his 275. Havnt seen a thing on it yet, other than specs. Theres not alot of room between a 280 and a 216/260, so either hes wrong or nVidias wrong
  4. The 275 is going to have performance that is very close to the 285/280. I don't see why anyone would buy a 280/285 when the 275 comes out, so I don't know what nVidia was thinking there. Anyway the 4890 will probably be at the level of the 275 and overclocked versions will be faster than the 285. We'll just have to see in the comming weeks.
  5. The 275gtx will be released on the 13th April...with lower clock speeds than what have been reported so far.
  6. Well, lately nVidia hasnt been very good at naming things, so maybe the 275 will surprise us
  7. negatively :D I have x fire board so I hope the best of ATI and I am only 14 so not so much money :(
  8. Anyone out there who didn't vote #2 needs to go back to school for more math help and figure out what the > symbol means. :kaola:

    As for the graphics cards, I say it will be better, equal to and worse, depending on the app.

    The main thing though is that it will have MUCH better box mascot with the return of the Evil Goalie !!
  9. Both cards are going to fall between the 260 216 and 280 GTX. There isn't much room their to begin with either...

    The only purpose these cards serve is to create price pressure on the cards below them (especially the 260/4850/4870), although they may also use them as an excuse to jack up prices on the 285/4870X2/295...
  10. Theyre not really gonna be in the same price bracket imho. The price gap between the 4870 and gtx260-216 is smaller than that between the 4890 and gtx275 will be. Once prices settle down after launch, unless nvidia wants to make no money whatsoever and completely undercut the gtx285, the 4890 will be the bang-for-buck option between it and the new nvidia card.
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