Which Graphics Card for my Dell???

I am a complete novice at this so I hope you are all patient :)

I have a Dell Dimension E521 with a stick 300W PSU and a AMD 4600+ x2 CPU.

The graphics card that can with my PC packed in a few months ago and I bought a 7300LE for £10 in PC world as a temporary fix.

I want a new card as I cannot play newer games in anything but low and I still lag!

I would prefer it if I didnt have to upgrade my PSU but if I have to and the price is right then I guess I could stretch my budget.

I was looking at the Radeon HD 3850. I have read that it will run with a 300W Dell PSU and I have also read that it will not run with it.

I am very confused and just dont know which way to turn.

Any advise you all can give me would be great! :)
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  1. Which card was installed? Can you not just replace like-for-like?
    Best way forward would be a HD4650 or if you want more zip the HD4670. Neither needs an extra power connector and neither draws more than 48Watts at full load.
    Check: Overclockers, Scan, CCL, E-buyer and Eclipse online. Expect to pay between
    60 and 70 pounds and do n`t get the more expensive 1Gb cards.
  2. ^ agree. I would look at the HD4670 for a new card.
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