Wireless Router Connected but with no Internet Access

I have an MSI RG60G Wireless router, and have an adsl connection at home. My wireless laptop connects to the router but it says no internet access. The router used to work when I had a cable connection but stopped working when I switched to ADSL. What Should I do?
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  1. You might speak to your internet provider about setting up the router -- it may be that it doesn't work with ADSL .

    First have a look at the provider's website and see if there are help files -- some ISPs are smart enough to provide crib sheets on how to set up various routers with their service.
  2. I checked, it supports ADSL too
  3. And presumably you're confident that the WAN side of the router settings match your provider's requirements ?

    Have you tried checking that wireless is enabled in the router. If wireless is working I would try disabling wireless security in the router.
  4. I need to check the settings with my Provider I think, that's next
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