Overclock suddenly gone bad (5770)

so i have an HIS 5770 (egg shaped cooler). i had it completely stable at

1040mhz core
1340mhz mem
Voltage 1.35V
Fan at 100%

it was completely stable while gaming. then i reinstalled my operating system (windows 7 64bit) and now im getting the gray screen crashes after about 30 minutes of gaming.

i checked the temps as it crashed and the highest was 68C so it wasnt a temp issue. any ideas?

using Drivers 10.4
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  1. Ar the cards overclocked or running at stock frequency's now.
  2. thanx for the reply. i found the issue. ran furmark and it got to 87C so it turns out it was a temp issue. all good now.
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    Game on! Like I would say "Use it and Abuse it or it isn't any fun". If you know what you cant do you know what you can do. I think that could be another personal quote. :lol:
    Glad you figured it out. [:bohleyk:1]
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