Help with 4870 x2

Hi i have got an asus 4870 x2 tri-fan

i am new to this.

select gpu to configure says ati radeon hd 4870 x2 defaultcrt

my gpu clock says 750 my memory clock reads 900

But at the bottom it reads current values core clock 507 memory clock 500?

temps read 37 idle.

when i change over to the other gpu core and memory are both the same and the values match however the temps are 47?

i cannot adjust fan speed when i am on the second gpu it, on the right it says 0RPMS? if i try to adjust fan speed it wont let me.

The overdrive funtion flashes alot coming up with ati overdrive capabilitys have not been intialised yet please try again later?

I am not sure if its in full working order or not
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  1. HUH???? You need to reword. You aren't making any sense.
  2. When i go into catalyst centre unlock ati overdrive gpu clock and memory clock dont match the current values at the bottom? temps read 38 degrees

    When i go to select gpu configuration to view the second gpu the gpu clock and memory clock match however on the right hand side it says fan speed 0RPMS temps for the second gpu read 47 degres
  3. That's all normal, although it reads 500 core and memory, when you load up a game the card will ramp up to its proper speeds.
  4. The second GPU doesn't have any fans that are specifically linked to it, and it is normal to have one quite a bit hotter than the other (depending on the specifics of airflow). On my Sapphire (normal fan) HD4870x2, the second GPU is usually up to 30 degrees hotter than the first.
  5. yes that's fine, remember, the core running hotter is the one that is at 900Mhz core always.
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