Need ideas on why my system won't post?

About a year ago I sold my home built PC to a friend and this weekend he dropped it off my house to fix it because it crashed. He told me he was using Auto Cad and all of a sudden it froze. He told me he was able to use ctrl alt delete to end task and close his running programs. Then to shut down the computer he had to hold the power button until it shut down. He waited a little while before pushing the power button to turn the computer back on but he didn't get a display. Well today I basically rebuilt the computer by putting everything in a new case with a new power supply and just using one stick of ram. When I turn on the computer I don't get a display but I get a beep code of one long beep and two short beeps. All the fans turn on and the green lite on the motherboard is on. What could it be? The system specs are

Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe 939 Socket Motherboard (three years old)
AMD 4400+ (three years old)
PC3200 corsair value ram (one year old)
NVidia 8600 GT (one year old)
Antec Neopower Power Supply (one year old)
XP 32bit
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  1. Do some googling and you may find an indication of what the beep codes mean for that particular board. But at first guess, I would double check to make sure the video card is properly seated. If it is properly seated and you still get the beeps, I would remove the card and see if it still beeps the same. If so, try the memory one stick at a time to test if maybe a stick might have gone bad over time.
  2. The beeps mean it's not POSTing right. I would first check to make sure everything is seated properly and all the cables plugged in, including the 4/8 pin cpu power.
  3. Before he gave it to me when he turned the computer on for the first time after his crash he got the same beep code that I did. What I am saying is that it cant be that something is not properly seated. He was using the computer fine for a year before it crashed and now it wont post. I rebuilt the computer and I am getting the same beep code. I also have tried putting the video card in two different slots. Today I'm going to try another video card.
  4. I'd focus on the RAM at this point. What does your motherboard owners manual say about that beep code? I'd try each stick individually in each RAM slot. If you can get it to post with a particular stick of RAM, I'd run memtest86+ overnight on it.
  5. Pretty certain this a video card error, the system cannot find the video card for some reason. Another card might provide an answer.
  6. I don't think its the ram because I tried different sticks in different slots. I just bought a cheap 7300gs from frys to see if the video card is the problem. I will let you guys know how it went.
  7. Well I tried the new video card and I'm still getting the same beep code. I think it's time to call ASUS tech support.
  8. After talking to tech support we came to the conclusion that it's the motherboard and it needs to be rma'ed. He said that for this motherboard 1 long and 2 short beeps means memory failure. But after I told him that I tried 4 different sticks in every slot he told me that the only other thing it could be is a hardware failure ie. the mobo.
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