P6T compatible with ocz gold ddr3 1600mhz?

well I kind of jumped the gun with a combo from newegg and bought this ram without thinking of compatibility with between ram and mobo and when I read through the manual, my ram wasn't listed under compatible ram with the p6t. So does anyone know if this ram will work. The ocz platinum was on the list so I thought it might but I want to make sure.
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  1. It should work fine.
    If a RAM isn't in the motherboard's compatibility list it doesn't mean it won't work with it,there are lots of RAMs which aren't in the list but they will work fine :)
  2. OCZ gold and platinum brand are usually working on every motherboard. It's another story about their Reaper and Blade model.
  3. Well i have a ASUS MAXIMUS FORMULA and 4GB of OCZ REAPER series and they weren't in the compatibility list but they are working fine with no problems :)
  4. I use a P6T with OCZ gold 1600, it works fine.
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