Remotely play games?

Ok i know the odds of this are very slim but i was wondering if it was possible

Computer: at home sitting idle with remote conection available

Computer2: remotely connect to this computer from a different location

computer2: Start up WoW and start playing???

Is this possible at all? even if it would be slow is it possible?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Nope,

    Graphics for the game will be too much for remote conection even within LAN let alown a remote site. Also probably huge lag

    Depending on what your trying to get round (My guess work/school security) you may want to look at tunnleing.
  2. ^+1, even for simple office application work remote desktop can be a pain. For games, I believe it would be close to unplayable, would be like playing at 2-4 FPS I guess. If you want to test, you can always try to watch a video (MediaPlayer) through remote desktop and see what it does.

    Another thing you have to consider it that remote desktop will "eat" the same bandwidth WoW is trying to use, making your latency (ping) even higher.
  3. I was wondering about this as well i was wonder if there is a way to stream you computer monitor as a video stream. Sorta like if you put a web camera in fount of the monitor to see what is on the screen. Do you know of any programs that will do this? I would be using a LAN connection.

    Remote desktop was never designed to be used this way you can't even steam a video clip over LAN with out very noticeable jurkyness so i don't think the speed of the connection is going to help
  4. Checkout this website

    there're videos of it on youtube as well. Ive tried it on my dell mini in college campus , works flawless. Just need to have a stable connection
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