UPS choosing help needed

I'v been reading internet for some hours now and I'm still confused what power UPS I should buy. I was thinking of APC or PowerWare about 700 VA / 420. 10 min battery time should be enough.
My PC is 45W LCD and case with 700W PSU (Intel core i7 and Radeon HD 4870 X2 VGA).
I really dont want to pay much more then 120 euros (about 150$)

Thanx to any repley :)
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  1. Anything else running off the UPS besides the LCD and main rig?
    If it's just those two it'll be fine as long as the power-cut doesn't occur while you're taxing the computer heavily, like in middle of a game for example.
  2. No, nothing else. Just my computer. ADSL modem and rooter is next to my laptop and has its own UPS. Speakers will be connected to surge protection only.
    I know my system is pretty power-hungry at full load. I wonder what will it do when power cuts at full-load. Will the UPS shut down right away or can it keep it running as long the battery has some kick in it?
    The main reason I want this UPS is because of short time voltage changes. Like shorter then 1 sec power failure and the bossible voltage peak when it comes back. Or lighting. I don't need it to keep my PC going without power for long times.

    Actually I already ordered my new UPS. Its EATON POWERWARE 5110 UPS 700 VA. I hope it will work. Its summertime here and often there are strong winds and thunder storms around. Its normal to have short time power failures these times.

    Anyway thanx for replay.

    (sorry for my poor english)
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