Case fan circuit questions

so I'm not very good with circuits

my case has 2 8w fan control leads

I am looking at 4 of these fans:
(Panaflo 120mm, power rated 6.12W max)

I am wondering whether I can use 2 3-pin Y cables and control these fans in pairs. Will that still allow me to run them at full rpm or will is lower their max rpm or some other bad consequences?

In the event that my suspicions are correct, I am looking at this fan controller:

since i have other fans besides the panaflos I want to control, I would still be interested in running the panaflos in pairs, does this controller just do 7.5W (30/4) a channel or does in disperse the 30 wattage out as needed over the 4 channels?
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  1. The fan you have selected is too noisy..... if thats what you want then its OK, otherwise i would suggest you the Noctua NF-P14:
    A little expensive but you will never be sorry. No need for fan controller since the fan ships with two additional adapters to decrease fan speed (IMO you dont need them since this thing is silent at full speed)
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