Cm hyper 212 plus and thermal paste

This is my first, so I'm trying to get the thermal paste done right the first time by knowing exactly how to apply it. I've read about how to apply the paste over the internet and there seems to be many different ways. I know I'm supposed to put a small line on the metal dividers. The paste recommendations I got are from

My issue is the hdt pictured 2 small metal dividers where the put the paste. The hyper 212 plus has 3 small metal dividers, so what I'm asking is do I go with two lines still or with 3 lines as there is more area to cover?
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  1. I'm thinking I should fill in the channels with paste to make it level and then put 2 lines on the center channels like they show in the final applicarion method on

    The paste should spread evenly with the channels filled so it hits all four pipes when I put pressure on it.
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    Each application method they've shown uses increasing amounts of thermal interface material. If they would've used the same amount of thermal interface material for each of the application methods they've shown they would all have the same result.
  3. Ya, those pictures only show 3 copper pipes as well. My hsf has 4 pipes, so trying to figure out how much more I need to apply to get adequate coverage.
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