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So I have a 4850x2 1GB, a Brisbane 5800+, and a Gigabyte MA-770-UD3. I have a 500W Topower running it, which will be replaced soon. I am not sure which is the problem, but I read that at load the 4850x2 only consumes 180W.

I had 3dMARK05 running on windows 7 x64 build 7048, and got a 16500 which I thought was low, and moved to Vista 32bit while I wait for x64.

I was running 4GB of GSkill PC2-8500, but found that with only 2GB, I could get 550 Operations Per Second on the airplane test as oppose to 250 or so.

The problem is that my screen goes black during some part of Vantage, and I must reboot to get it back up and running. The temps are fine, 39-59 for the GPU and 7-29 for the CPU. The ambient is around 30-33.

I have read that the brisbane 5800 needs help, ie more voltage. At stock it is 1.40 V, 200 FSB x 15 multiplier. I have increased it to 204x14.5 @ 1.45 and it completed vantage albiet with only a P score of 4850, and with 4GB Ram, 2Gb seems to test much better, almost 2x as well. At 208x15 @1.5 It fails around the 5th feature test.

I am using catalyist 8.561 as 9.3 would not even start the test. The ATIKMDV.sys or something fails, crossfire gets disabled, and I am back in Windows with some kind of messag on from the system tray saying that Basic was enabled, and the Display driver failed. This happens whether I have aero on or not.

Please help, I am open to all suggestions.
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  1. This saphires listed power requirement.

    –650 Watt or greater power supply with one 2x3-pin PCIeR power connector and one 2x4-pin PCIeR power connector is required (1K Watt with two 2x3-pin and two 2x4-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)1
  2. Dude that power supply is far to small to run a 4850 x2. Just think of it running two 4850 cards simultaneously and how much power that would take. And it uses more than 180 watts at full load... I promise.
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