Is Corsair's 850watt Single Rail PSU Enough for Tri-SLI-GTX 260's?

Is the Corsair 850watt Single Rail PSU enough for Tri-SLI GTX 260's 216 core?

I'm building a system today and need to know asap. E8500, EVGA 780i board, 4 gigs ram.
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  1. Which 850W Corsair?

    I would recommend 2x GTX275 instead.
  2. I think he's referring to the "new" modualr 850W Corsair PSU I think.
  3. The PSU size calculator doesn't provide for 3-way SLI, but doing some extrapolating (another 117W for card #3), I got only 557W. That makes some assumptions, of course, including a CPU overclock and a total of 4 standard 120mm fans.
    In any case, the answer appears to be a clear "Yes."

    Edit: calculator at
  4. or the TX850.
    Either way they should both be similar in performance.
  5. Yes it has enough power do run the 3 x SLI GTX 260s. However, as noted and if you don't already own the 260s, 2 x 275s would a better option all around.
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