Wich is the beter Video Card for a non Gamer???

I'm going to Build a new PC (core i7) What would be the better choice for a Video Card? I would like the best proformance and image quality!
ATI FirePro™ V5700 Workstation Graphics Accelerator or GeForce GTX 295
I don't play any games so I will be mostly using Photoshop CS3 and CS4 for large PSD and RAW image files, CD, DVD, BluRay encoding and every day computing
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  1. if you want the best image quality go with ATI
  2. If you're not a gamer and not doing serious 3D work you don't need to spend that kind of money, IMHO. You can spend <$100 on a card and get the same general 2D image quality as the more expensive cards you've listed.

    I'm not a fan of ATI because I've always found nVidia drivers more trouble-free. TBH, you could go with an nVidia 8400GS and you'd be just fine for your needs but since you've got a larger budget why not look at something in the $100-$200 range?

    Check these
  3. get a hd4670/9600gt. but if adobe is still pursuing the CUDA enchanced version of their photoshop CS softwares, i suggest you go nvidia. but seeing you seem to be the guy who can afford, a 4870/gtx260 should be modest enough for your rig. a 295 would probably be overkill

    image quality is subjective. i have yet to meet a guy who can differentiate 10000000000 shades of red/green/blue in a rendered scene.
  4. getting one of those cards would be complete overkill for photoshop i have a laptop that uses an integrated radeon X300 and it runs photoshop fine, that being said heres my suggestion....

    Radeon HD 4650 512MB

    that is plenty for what ur gonna use it for
  5. Is this for professional use? If so I suggest you contact Adobe for advice or look through their forums. It would be false economy to save money by purchasing a gaming card if it`s going to slow our workflow.
    If not any mid/upper end card will suffice although I`d probably suggest a Nvidia card because I think they have better hardware acelleration for Photoshop, look to the 9800GTX/GTS250 or GTX260.
  6. blu-ray encoding wait for the GTX 275 and get babadoom :D
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