Video card problems :(

i just purchased a 8600gts for my gateway, and i also did a fresh install of windows vista x64 and the card is successfully installed but when i go in game i get the same fps as i did with intergrated, and on any game i check it says

Video RAM: Required - X MB , You have - 2.0 GB
the 2GB is dedicated video memory , how can i set my video card as primary, i already checked around bios and cannot find anything
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  1. Weeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllll, did you hook your monitor up to your new video card or to your onboard video? Your monitor should be hooked up to your 8600GTS. If you don't have an option to disable the onboard video in the BIOS then your motherboard should dissable it if it detects that you have a card in the PCI-E slot and that the monitor is hooked up to that card. What motherboard chipset do you have anyway?
  2. the monitor is in the card, and the bios does not have any bios settings at all, i have a gateway gt5694, and i am wondering if there anything else i can do to make this card work
  3. Possibly it can be turned off in device manager
    there may also be a switch on the MB itself to turn it off.
  4. is a physical switch or is it like master slave settings with a shunt, because next to the pci-e slot there is a shunt over 3 pints
  5. Its hard to say you will have to read the manual.
  6. yeah i listed through it but no help
  7. what is your system?
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