Is XP SP3 bad idea for new gaming machine?

Hi. Quick question, I just put together my new rig and am installing software. MS is asking if i want SP3. I only have gone up to SP2. Is 3 problematic? Anything I should know before I update? I am using my machine mostly for gaming and online stuff. Thanks.
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  1. I never ran into any problems for the short time I used SP3. It was stable for me and seemed a little snappier. I use Vista on all my machines and new builds now, though. How much RAM is installed in the system?
  2. 6 gig of ram. I know I am loosing 3 gig with XP 32 but I am working on a dual boot and will put Vista 64 on the other.
  3. with that amount of ram it wont be a problem.
    xp sp2 is good, but xp sp3 is more stable.

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  4. Not sure I really reccomend XP for gaming at all actually. I mean sure it's a great OS, but no DX10 support now. However, if you are going with XP, I would say upgrade to SP3, if nothing else for the security patches and all that. As far as Windows Vista 64, why not check out the free Windows 7 RC instead of spending the money for an OS now.
  5. yea, I thought about W7 but without any driver support didn't think it would be usable for games.
  6. oneof10 said:
    yea, I thought about W7 but without any driver support didn't think it would be usable for games.

    Actually, it's quite playable. I'm running it now. A lot of companies have beta drivers for w7, but it they don't, just use vista drivers and you're good to go.

    I was using xp service pack 3 before this and it was stable like a rock. I loved it but after tasting windows 7, I don't think I'll be able to go back to xp as my mainstay OS.

    That being said... While you'll be stuck at DX 9, with windows xp you can make full use out of any soundblaster cards you might have... vista and windows 7 nerf the hell out of them. I miss my full EAX support. I hate alchemy.
  7. SP3 is more stable than 2 and works just fine. You should have no problems upgrading.
  8. Cool. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for the info:)
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