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When will AMD come out with triple channel memory compatible CPU's and motherboards?
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  1. There has been no news regarding this.
  2. And they probably won't. Their CPUs use a dual memory controller, not a triple. They would have to change their memory controller (and that probably means a new pin count) if they wanted to do this. Seeing as memory bandwidth isn't a problem for them right now, its probably not happening. (soon)
  3. So aside from a higher bandwidth and having a higher latency (Which kind of cancels out the higher bandwidth) than DDR2, what is the point (from an AMD perspective) to upgrading to DDR3? I have an AMD Phenom II X4 940 and have DDR2 1066 RAM. How would upgrading everything, to getting a Phenom II 955, AM3 Motherboard (Which has the same SB 750 as the AM2+ mobo's), and getting DDR3 memory, help me. And if it even does, how much would it help?
  4. Changing the standard to DDR3 in the long run is probably better for AMD than using DDR2 since Intel has made the switch exclusively to DDR3. i5 will be dual channel DDR3. The current move to DDR3 is much like when AMD started supporting DDR2. Performance wise it didn't improve anything but with Intel dominating the overall market and supporting exclusively DDR2, it was a move that made more sense overall. DDR1 would have been more expensive than DDR2 with the memory makers having to make 2 different standards or ram. With AMD needing systems sold with their chips to be sold at a very low price point, switching to the newer ram standard was a smart move. I would not bother upgrading to DDR3 if you already have a very capable DDR2 based AM2+ system that supports AM3 CPU's. Since you already have a Ph II 940, upgrading to a 955 and ddr3 would not be worth the cost. I hope all of that made sense. I am a bit tired right now. :sleep:
  5. No need. As explained, its for marketing purposes that they have added DDR3 capability. DDR2 versions of PhenomII are plenty fast.
  6. Well I appreciate the help guys, and yes, everything you said made perfect sense. Thanks again.
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