Wireless adapter with 5 mile range

Dear friend, actually i am a business partner of sify broadband(internet service provider).

I want to provide wireless broadband internet solution to my client within 10 KM range. With maximum 2- 4 mbps speed. I am very much new in wireless transmission so please help & suggest Product for it.

(I know range is dependent on various factor but I need approximate solution)

I was refer this page

Hoping ASAP reply.
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  1. I would use a wireless access point, connect it to a media converter and the other end to fibre, run through a sewer or similar, and then use another media converter back into a switch.
  2. I got solution !!! now i can give high speed internet to my customer in atleast 5 km speed & i am spending only 10.000$...its great solution because fibre technology is too expansive to install & maintain..
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