HD2600xt 256MB or X1650 Pro 512MB

Hey guys, last week I was asking what card I should get for my old setup. I was recommended a HD2600XT becaus I didnt have that much to spend and my I only had a dual core cpu and not a low psu.

Today I saw a second hand X1650 Pro 512MB for the same money as a new HD2600XT 256MB.

So my question: which one is better when it comes to gaming? I know the HD2600xt is newer but I dont know how much the 256 makes a difference and if there are any other things involved.
(I got a 650W psu now so thats not a problem anymore)

Any comment is apriciated!
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  1. Since you've got a much more powerful PSU now, why not go for the Radeon HD3850 as was recommended in your previous post? It's the most powerful AGP card there is.

    And contrary to what one poster said, they're not $400. Newegg currently has 2 models available for about $120 USD.
  2. HD 2600XT > X1650 Pro, memory diff won't matter for 99.9% of the situations.
  3. HD3850>HD2600xt=HD3650>HD2600pro>x1650xt>x1650pro then there is X1950pro AGP if you can find one used about the same performance as the HD2600 cards.
  4. If your monitor has resolution higher than 1280 x 1024 (basically bigger than a 19" monitor) it would be better to go with 512MB of ram.

    I would not waste your money on either of those cards though.

    You would be better off with something like a HD4670 for $59.99 after $10.00 rebate.


    However if you got a 650 Watt PSU I would spend the cash and hunt for something even stronger. Like an Nvidia GTS250 or an ATI HD4850 or 70. Hold back a month if you have to in order to get the cash. These cards are worth every penny.
  5. "Rwayne" the point here is AGP card
  6. rolli59 said:
    "Rwayne" the point here is AGP card

    You are right. I totally missed that one.
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