How to download universal sound drivers

pls i can i download a universal drivers
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  1. umm, there's no such thing?

    drivers are specific to the hardware that you have (ie your sound card chipset)

    on majority of the computers, sound card is integral with the motherboard.

    So, if you need drivers for the sound card chipset there's a few options:
    1. go to your computer's manufacturer website support section, select the computer model that you got and see if there's any drivers available (you'd want either sound/audio or motherboard drivers)

    2. you need to find out the make/model of your sound card, go to manufacturer's website and locate drivers for your card

    3. if you're not able to identify the sound card (assuming it's just integral to motherboard), you need to identify the motherboard, go to manufacturer's website and locate drivers for your motherboard, part of that package will have drivers for the audio chipset

    The programs that could help you ID your hardware are:
    - CPU-Z
    - Everest
    - HW Monitor
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