C0000218 & C0000221 errors

I download the lastest updates on my Dell 8600 laptop running XP Pro. When I rebooted I got the following error:

Stop: C0000218 {Registery File Failure}
The registry cannot load the hive (file)
or its log or alternate

I'm able to boot in SAFE mode and run some baic programs. I tried booting for the windows CD that came with the PC. I got the Window Setup menu. After many files loaded, the message Windows starting (something like that) and the a blue screen with the message:

STOP: C0000221 unknown Hard error

Also, in SAFE mode I'm able to access the Windows CD and can access the Install Menu.

Any help would be appricated,
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  1. The hard drive is fine. I'll need to install Windows XP.
  2. Hi there,

    When you get a stop error like this after an update, it is usually a hdw driver issue. The Dtop Error C00000221 usuall indicates a driver, system file, or disk corruption problem, and since it occurred just after a download, probably a driver or system file your computer doesn't like.

    You didn't mention what updates you downloaded ... Were these Windows Updates that come out on Tuesdays? Yesterday there was only one. Or were they updates regarding Dell gear, that Dell offers to update your drivers and Dell related software. Windows Updates also has a Hardware optional list and Software optional list.

    You can go to Add/Remove programs and check what updates were downloaded on a specific date, then just uninstall those updates. Or for both Windows and Dell, you can go to System Restore - All Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Restore, and choose the restore point just before downloading these updates.

    Since you can boot thru Safe Mode, you should be able to uninstall an update, or choose a system restore point, and that should get you going.
  3. The updates were from MS and there were many. I hadn't about removing the updates. I'll give that a try and post back what happens. T


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