Does i3 support win xp help me

help me fast..
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  1. Yes, XP supports new CPUs, but you may have a hard time finding drivers for other hardware, especially if you have a laptop.
  2. sandeep99 said:
    help me fast..

    If you want help fast, then explain your problem in greater detail. And yes, the I3 will work with XP. If you have driver problems, just dig up the reference drivers from the chipset manufacturer.
  3. but when i was doing xp a blue screen appears with some error where can i get xp2 for dell inspiron core i3
  4. windows xp2?? that doesn't exist or do you mean win xp service pack 2
  5. xp service pack 2
  6. you can get xp service pack 2 from windows official download wepage or via you windows update

    and this thread look similar to this one
  7. i forgot to say something more i think you can get the service pack 2 on and

    note: that on cnet you need to type Microsoft windows service pack 2
  8. You should install SP3 to more quickly get up to date.
  9. what philfrisbie said its truth you better get the sp3.
    chek on to get it
  10. can i use 2 os i.e, xp & win7 on my laptap
  11. Yes, you can dual boot with multiple operating systems.
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