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Hello, my no lu name is Tim. I am trying to set my portable hd to active. i have tried to achieve this through the windows disk management but no luck. Please help
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  1. It can't be done you can't run a Windows OS (the only reason for making it active) from a portable drive full stop.
  2. Hi there,

    An Active partition is the drive volume that an x86 computer boots from. It must contain the startup files and must be a primary partition on a basic disk. So you can't have an Active label on a portable drive.

    Also an Active partition is not normally marked as such in Disk Management, unless you make a change in the configuration.

    If you are trying to set up a removable drive as the bootable OS, you can't do that. If you are using the removable external drive for data storage and just have it active, it should be a Basic Disk with a simple volume, meaning the complete volume in contiguous on one physical HDD.
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