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:hello: Hi before I purchase a new card and wait for it to arrive, Is there any point in trying to overclock a ati hd 3450? I asked about this on another thread and it hasnt been answered yet.
Does anyone know how to overclock this card?... I have tried to download ati tools etc but for some reason the default settings wont change... my options atm are to buy a cheap 4series maybe a 4670 until I save the cash for something better or wait a few months until birthday time and get the g/f to buy me a higher end more expensive card... she already regards the pc as her main rival so I dunno if this will ever happen :P either way for the next few weeks can anyone help with overclocking the 3450 as a stop gap until I get a new card?
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  1. Try MSI Afterburner. See if you gain any performance from whatever overclock you can attain.

    What kind of games do you play?
  2. 1. Make sure you have the latest Catalyst drivers installed.

    2. Try MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision.

    3. You can get a 4850 for~$120:
    This is a MUCH better deal in terms of price vs performance against a 4670 (assuming no CrossFire with the 4670). Btw, I'm basing this on Newegg prices.

    4. Even with OCing, the 3450 is NOT a gaming card. Just don't expect to play Crysis,etc at 1680*1050 or so. It should be fine with older games like CSS, HL2,etc.
  3. Ok thx for that, the overclock is really just a short fix until i get something better, it was doin me fine for ffxi, fallout3, empire total war etc, right up until i got ffxiv lol so i need somethin decent, i was browsing the various cards out there and tryin to get the right blend between value & performance... the 5770 seems to be the best balance but if i go somwhat cheaper for the 4850 I might hold onto that until the 6 series comes out. This site has been really useful and the ppl really helpful for my troubles... thx again everyone
  4. ^ If you can wait a about a month or two, you should be able to snag a 6xxx card around December time. If you are looking for a stop gap card, check eBay/Amazon,etc for a 9800GT or a 9600GT or hell even an older 8800GT/GTS. You should be able to find one of these pretty cheap.
  5. thx man, I got advised to go for an ATI since my mb is amd. I ll defo check those out tho, cheers
  6. Quote:
    thx man, I got advised to go for an ATI since my mb is amd

    Who ever told you that doesn't know what they were saying. Having an AMD motherboard will not affect what GPU you choose.
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