Rampage 2 extreme and windows 7

The asus website has no driver for windows 7 for the Rampage 2 extreme. Ive been doing some searching and come accross a few things, but it didnt really answer my qurstions.
1. Will the chipset driver for vista found on asus's site work fine? or shoul I use the one through windows update(assuming there is one as I havent installed 7 yet)
2. Are any of the drivers, if they do work, in good working order on 7. I mean will games run smoothly?
3. Is there anyone out there who has windows 7 and this mobo who can verify that this is indeed working, and working well.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. I just installed the Rampage 2 extreme and put in my HDD with WIN 7 (final release) from my old configuration. It started right away, of course with the missing driver and bad graphics.

    I tried to install the Rampage driver from the DVD but the setup.exe gave me 'wrong operating system'. I only once tried a manual driver installation for the LAN-device, which failed.

    The next reboot the WIN update service found all my missing devices and updated driver. In my device manager I do not a question mark left, so it seems WIN found everything itself.

    The games I had installed (Crysis, Call of Juarez) run like a charm...
  2. I have just done the same and found everything to be working fine after a couple of minor errors and a few updates. Running like a dream. Gonna test Windows 7 64 bit now

  3. same thing happend for me however i cannot get the creative audio console to work. i prefer it over the windows one as i can control each speaker.anyone have same problem or know of a good program i can use to manage my sound in place of the creative console?
  4. I've had this mobo for a while and always worked great. Installed Windows 7 64bit and it works good but when you start to install the win 7 drivers that have been updated on there site Everything works bad. Some drivers mess up my new gtx 480 nvidia drivers. don't know why. They also effect boot, shutdown, and standby performance. while some of the drivers do work they run win 32 and work slowly on my system. ive done countless fresh installs and it runs like crap. i love my mobo and all the features but it works best in xp. website drivers dont seem much different from the ones on the cd.
  5. hi i have the rampage ii extreme an running windows 7 its running like a dream!
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