How to setup 2 raid 1 with 4 drives

With an EVGA X58 MB can I setup and control 2- RAID 1 setups using 4 drives? What I am after is more storage space but still having all my data mirrored i.e.using 4 - 2TB drives to get 4TB of mirrored data?
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    Set the SATA to RAID, save and exit, Enter the Intel RAID Array by pressing <CTRL+i>

    Create RAID1 Array using 2 drives and then create the next RAID1 using the other 2 drives,

    name the arrays so after you create the arrays you can set the correct array as primary hard disk boot device.

    Boot to Windows CD/DVD, If you are installing Windows 7 or Vista the drivers are in the install disk, If you are installing XP you need to put the RAID drivers on a floppy disk or slipstream onto XP via a program like nlite.
  2. Thanks for the info, I just was not sure if you could setup and control two separate RAID arrays with this MB. I will be using a separate SSD as the primary hard disk boot device (I like to keep my operating system and data on completely separate drives).
  3. You can. I did. But diff mobo. I have 2 RAID 0 arrays +1 single drive, using 5 ports.
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