ATI 5970, voltage safe limit?

I have searched and searched, but never found a answer, i use MSI Afterburner, it will allow maximum 1.3v, I don't know if thats safe or what.

My question is simply, at what volts does it start to get dangerous?
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  1. The maximum allowed in MSI Afterburner is the safe limit.
    It gets dangerous when you flash your video card so it can overclock further.

    What speeds did you get out of your 5970 btw. Mine went up to 1100mhz core and 1300mhz memory at 1.3v
  2. I'm capped at 1090/1300 with MSI Afterburner, but thanks for your feedback, was a little afraid that the 1.3v would fry the card instantly.
  3. holy crap thats some high OC's.... why do you even bother trying to get higher??

    I mean, above 1Ghz??
  4. Sorry I didn't explain myself very well, thats where I'm capped, I can't run that stable (yet :3)
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