Adjusting the gpu fan speed concern

is it safe to adjust the fan speed upto 70%-100% ??
will it reduce the lifespan of the video card?

i adjusted my his 4850 fanspeed from 50% to 70%
51C on idle

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  1. 51C at idle sounds really high. My HIS IceQ4 Turbo idles around 42C at default settings, which have the fan not even running yet.
  2. really ..maybe it depends on my environment ..well its hot in here..its summer ;) ..when im using the aircon ,the temp goes down at 47-48C
  3. ^ Depends on your GPU. My 9800GTX idles around 60'C, goes to 75'C on load. My GTX+ idles around 55'C, goes to 70'C on load.
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