DDR2 vs. DDR3

How much better is DDR3 at 1066mhz than DDR2 at 800mhz. Just kind of a random question.
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  1. ???? read the rewiev of tom's hardware about memories, the answer is there....also, the diference is really big...is more that the double of speed and performance.
  2. minimal difference as mem speed goes up so does latency taking up most the gain. Go with the better for a new build but don't upgrade for it or pay a big price difference on a new build.
  3. DDR3 is almost as cheap as DDR2 now, its better to go with DDR3 now.
    DDR3 1600 is probably the best choice right now, the timings suck at 2000.
  4. Not a whole lot better.

    As for the timings sucking at 2000? They really don't, to be perfectly honest. Keep in mind that timings are rated in clock cycles, so 8 cycles at 1600MHz is the same latency as 10 cycles at 2000MHz. Therefore, DDR3-1600-8-8-8-24 is identical in latency to DDR3-2000-10-10-10-30 (and if you have deep enough pockets, you can get DDR3-2000-7-7-7-20, which is lower latency than DDR3-1600-6-6-6-18). I still don't think 2000 is worth it, but that's a cost issue, not a latency issue.
  5. There is not much of a difference.
    But one solid reason for getting DDR3 is that they will be supported by new proccy and mobo.
    They will last longer.
    But if you already have 4+Gb of DDR2 then I don't see a point of upgrading just ram.
  6. not much better
  7. It would be in a new build but Im not trying to decide which to get or anything, its going to be DDR3. Like I said before, random question. Thanks for all the replies
  8. I am buying a new laptop/notebook. Would like to get DD3 RAM, but think I will end up getting DD2 instead (all the other specs are also dumbed down a bit too).
    4gb in each instance.
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