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Hi there,

This is my first time here, so I apologize for whatever protocols I'm breaking. But let me get to the point and let you all tell me if I'm in the wrong place or need to do something different.

I have a POS Gateway GT5228 (2.5 yrs old) with an Athlon 64 x2 4200+. I recently started having major problems with this machine and more recently discovered it's a major problem with this model: typically seems to be faulty Power Supply which often takes out the Mobo and HDD too ...and/or defective Mobo itself. In any case, the general consensus on the net is this machine is not worth fixing and mine is, of course, well out of warranty.

My questions are:

Can I at least yank the Athlon CPU out of this thing and install it in a new Mobo? I would think so, but with all I read online of people in my same boat, I don't think anyone brought this up as an option.

I realize an older CPU like this is not that expensive and using my old one wouldn't save all that much, but money is pretty tight right now and it might be the way for me to go. Any info and advise would be appreciated.

Many thanks,
Lynn Haven, FL
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  1. Hi B

    See link below to ASUS motherboards that will work with your CPU. Go down to Socket 939 motherboards on the list. You will have to verify which board's will work with the Athlon 64 x2 4200+ and see if the bios will need flashing before you can use the processor.

  2. Thanks for the info starams5. I'm a little confused on the Mobo though. On the Gateway site, they list the following info for the CPU in my machine:

    Part Number: 4506318RAMD Athlon 64 4200+ Processor

    Following are the specifications for the AMD Athlon™ 64 4200+ processor.
    Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

    Feature Specification
    Processor AMD Athlon™ 64
    Model 4200+
    Operating Mode 32/64
    Stepping F2
    Frequency 2200 Mhz
    HT Speed 2000
    Voltage 1.30 V - 1.35 V
    Maximum Temperature 55-70° C
    Thermal Power 89 W
    L1 Cache 128 KB × 2
    L2 Cache 512 KB × 2
    CMOS Technology 90 nm SOI
    Socket Socket AM2

    As you see, they list the socket as AM2, but who knows if that is accurate.

    I've done some searching and cannot seem to find that "part number" anywhere except the Gateway site.

    I've looked on the AMD site and see that some Athlon 64 x2 processors are Socket 939 and others are AM2.

    Perhaps this is all a waste of time, but as I'd touched on, I'm trying to figure out if it is worth it to try and salvage some components from this darn machine.

    Any other advise?
  3. Okay, download CPU-Z and see what the socket type is, I see what you're talking about.

  4. Thanks once again starams5, but if I understand correctly, I'd need my machine to be able to boot in order for cpuid to do me any good, right?

    This Gateway thing is horrible, I've read comments from dozens of people with these GT5228 models having exactly the same symptoms and problem as me. They start off by locking up and having trouble getting them to reboot. Then, they eventually cease to boot at all. For the past week plus, I've made it to the CMOS/BIOS Setup a couple of times (out of dozens of attempts to at a cold start) and then would lock completely. I've yanked the battery, reattached the Mobo power connections, etc. Also, this machine uses micro-BTX architecture and has, for example, the Mobo on the left side of the tower. I read somewhere that a new Mobo cost over $200 and read elsewhere that the new ones are just as prone to failure. Although I still don't know if it's the fault of the Mobo or if the Bestec Power Supply is simply ruining them.

    In any case, back to my Socket 939 / AM2 question. Since I cannot utilize cpuid, I thought of something else that I think might at least point in the right direction. My machine came from the manufacturer with DDR2 RAM, doesn't that indicate in would almost have to be a socket AM2 Mobo, or am I under the wrong impression?

    In the mean time, I'm going to attempt to price out the parts from NewEgg or TigerDirect. I'm wondering if I might be able to get a cheap, new Systemax (with some decent quality components) for almost as cheap as I can build a new machine around my old CPU.

  5. Hopefully this will answer your questions. Scroll down the page and look at the specs closely for difference.

  6. OK, I'm back to this again. I think I am going to try just building a new system and attempting to re-use my old CPU, DVD-RW and my SATA HD. Possibly my RAM too, but I hesitate a bit with that.

    Question that I hope someone can easily and simply answer: If I build this new system, can I simply plug my old HDD in to the primary SATA header and basically be back up and running with my old desktop, programs, files, etc.? I certainly need a new HDD also, but it would be GREAT if I could avoid having to reload everything from scratch!

    So here are some possible components I've picked out, if anyone has any advice (avoid a certain brand, known issues, things to remember, etc.), it will be most appreciated!

    Rosewill Wind Knight ATX case w/ RG700-S12 Power Supply
    ASRock N68-S Mobo (Micro ATX)
    G Skill 4GB DDR2 800 DC
    WD Caviar Black 640GB

    I'd be using the Athlon 64 x2 4200+ that I've referenced earlier in this thread. And I'd probably need to figure out a new CPU Cooling Fan also.

    Thanks for any and everything!
  7. "If I build this new system, can I simply plug my old HDD in to the primary SATA header and basically be back up and running". Unless the boards have identical chipsets you'll need to do a clean install of Windows.

    CPU cooler's

    CPU should drop right in and run with original bios.
  8. I'm amazed at how many "views" there have been on this thread. Only because of that, did I decide to post an update. I also apologize for the unavoidable bump that my reply creates.

    I imagine others are viewing this in many cases because they are searching for solutions to their own Gateway nightmare. Therefore, I wanted to tell the rest of my own story.

    In short, the old Gateway machine is still sitting here, under my desk, missing only it's HDD, which now resides in my new system as a second drive and thankfully, still contains all of my old data as well. I was unable to reuse ANY other components from my old system (with the obvious exception of my lcd, keyboard, etc.). I thought I'd be able to at least salvage my old DVD-RW drive and Internal Media Card Reader, but even they are custom designed for the Gateway case and don't fit a standard one. (Example: the DVD drive sticks 3/4" further out of the front of the case than a normal one.)

    I COULD have reused the CPU (assuming there is nothing wrong with it!), but it seemed likely that I'd need to buy a new CPU Cooler to use together with it in my new case. Well, I was able to get a brand new Athlon II 2.8 GHz CPU (which comes with a Cooler included) for only about $30 more than the aftermarket Coolers I was looking at for use with my old CPU. VERY worthwhile investment for about $30!

    I read somewhere that there may be an ASUS Mobo that you can use as a replacement in that Gateway, and I've even thought about doing so. But for now I'm very happy with my new system. It was really quite easy to build and passed POST the very first time I powered up. :) I've got a MUCH better system with MUCH higher quality components and it was really quite satisfying to build it myself. The help I received at tomhardware.com was tremendously valuable and helped my (very slightly) OCD ass to (finally) make some good decisions.

    My total component cost was under $500 and I probably could have saved $30-$40 on the case (it's a big tower case with lots of bays, included fans and places for more fans, etc.) without sacrificing on the internals.

    Cooler Master Case (CM690)
    Gigabyte Mobo (GA-MA785GM-US2H)
    Corsair PSU (CMPSU-400CX)
    Corsair 2x2GB DDR2 PC2-800 RAM
    Western Digital 640GB Black Series
    Vista Home Premium w/ Win7 upgrade coupon
    Samsung SATA DVD-RW drive (SH-S223L)
    AMD Athlon II x2 Regor 240 2.8 GHz CPU

    If I have any one concern so far, it's that I'm almost out of SATA headers on the Mobo. It has 5 and, including the connection to the front (top) eSATA port, I have 4 in use. (Note: Mobo also has rear eSATA port built in)

    So that's the road I took out of POS Gateway hell, best of luck to all the rest!

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