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Hey all, I have a question. Right now I am having issues with both airflow and just general overheating issues with both my CPU and GPU.

My GPU is the Sparkle GTX 275, a free upgrade from the manufacturer since they kept sending my faulty GTS 250s. It is a great card, but with my CPU overclocked to 3.8 ghz (q9550) I am having issues with overheating when both are under high load.

What I want to know is will changing the cooling type for my CPU from air cooled, which creates a lot of ambient heat that doesn't get transfered out of the case entirely, to water cooled, which I think would have a more direct heat transfer without creating a lot of ambient heat, make a difference? I have looked for cost effective full system water cooling systems as well but have had very little luck.


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  1. Water cooling only removes heat more efficiently from the CPU, it does not reduce ambient heat.

    What kind of temperatures are we talking here? What is your case's airflow like? What voltage is your CPU needing to get to 3.8GHz? Do you NEED 3.8Ghz?

    Also, with a full water cooling system, you're gonna spend roughly $300 by the time you get the block(s), pump, and rad(s).

    The H50/70 are LCLC, and will not cool as efficiently as a custom WCing loop, but rather they compete with high-end air coolers (some of which can be had for much less money).

    I'd check out for in-depth reviews and comparisons between coolers. Find something in your price range that will fit your case, and go with that.

    It seems as though your CPU cooler is made by Arctic Cooling, not Cooler Master. It is ranked far down the list for LGA775. You'd have a significant upgrade in cooling if you spend around $40, something like a Core Contact Freezer 120 or a Hyper 212+. If you're looking to spend a bit more, the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme is more up your ally.

    EDIT: Ok, ambient heat in the case. You can fix this yourself by making a duct on one end of your cooler that leads to an exhaust fan, but honestly, the current performance of your cooler is not worth the time or effort to make it, as it won't fix the overheating problem.

    EDIT 2: Wow, I was looking at the low profile version of your cooler, but I can't find anything right now on the normal version. It's late, so I'll poke around some more tomorrow.
  2. I replaced that cooler and haven't updated my page. By reducing ambient temp I mean not adding to it like an air cooler does.

    Right now I am using a Zalman CNPS9700 cooler. Voltage is at 1.368.

    As I said, I can run my CPU perfectly fine at this speed and voltage without overheating, but as soon as I try running it alongside my GPU, things get way too hot. My GPU gets very hot, something normal for this card, and even with my side case fan off and a high performance desk fan blowing in the grill made for a 200mm fan, I still can't run both at the same time.

    Also, between stock speeds and overclocked speeds, 5-7 degrees C difference.
  3. I'm just trying to find out if seperating the CPU cooling from the GPU cooling will have an effect on temps. It seems logical to me that instead of having what amounts to a large heater coil giving off heat that isn't being properly removed no matter what I do I use direct heat transfer to the back of the case would help overall temps.
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    If the cooler's radiator is outside the case . . . or if there's nowhere for heat blown off the radiator to go but outside the case . . . yes, that will lower the tmperature inside the case.

    After looking at your case, and reading a review:

    I thought maybe your dust filters were blocked, or maybe you had too many disks in the lower cage. But then I read this:

    "You have to remove the metallic front covers from each external bay by yourself in order to achieve the maximum airflow this case can provide. Average users are not aware of this procedure."

    Worth a shot.

    Anyhow, better than water cooling and all that rot would be to look at a case like the Silverstone Raven.
  5. Thanks, twoboxer, I'll try it.
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