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I was wondering , when overclocking the graphics card , what are the possible components that I can overclock ( e.g. GPU / Shaders / Memory ) ??
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  1. Is there something else you can OC? In times of old there were some cards that could have things unlocked, but none of the recent cards that I know of are like this. You can OC the core, shaders if possible, and the memory frequencies. There isn't really anything else to OC.
  2. But I can still overclock any of these components with no problems ??
  3. Sort of. You can't overclock the shaders on an AMD card because its locked to the core. Same with the new GTX4 series from Nvidia. But other then that yes.

    What do you have and what are you wanting to do? OCing a GPU doesn't usually achieve much.
  4. Quote:

    What do you have and what are you wanting to do? OCing a GPU doesn't usually achieve much.

    I disagree. You can gain about 1-4fps or more depending on the game with a low-medium OC.
  5. From reading the OC part of reviews, if you can bump the core and memory up, it will only be a few %. The frame rate will raise the same or some depending on what was limiting it before. So 2% on the core and 4% on the memory might raise your frame rate anywhere between that. A 4% increase? Not worth the increase in voltage, temps, stress on the card if you ask me.

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  7. Also, raising the memory speed will generally only help with anti-aliasing, or in memory-constrained circumstances. Just figured I'd add that in there somewhere.

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  8. Actually OCing your card can benefit a great deal. Of course it depends on the card. For instance my 5850 has the standard clocks of 725/1000, when I OC'd it untill 1000/1200 you could see it reached the performance of the 5870.
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