ARRRGH... Am i needing a driver or a new monitor?

Alright... here's how it's set up...

my GTX 260 (Nvidia Drivers already installed)
is connected to my Toshiba LCD TV by DVI/VGA adapter...

now, the display settings show up as "Generic Non-PnP"

And, i can play Crysis, CounterStrike Source, etc., just fine with that.

HOWEVER, I CAN't play Farcry 2 and L4D! MY tv goes "unsupported video signal" and there's sound, but no video, and i have to reset the computer...

Is there a driver out there that can save a poor wretch like me? or do i have to sell my soul for a decent monitor?
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  1. Your game is probably running at a resolution that isn't supported by your tv. Change it to the tv's native resolution and it should work fine
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