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I'm trying to add a path value to my existing path
statement for XP (via control panenel->system, advanced
tab, environment) but it is truncated. If the size limit
is 1023 chars, then I'm well under this.

I change the PATH variable via:
Right click My Computer, Properties, Advanced tab;
Environment Variables button (at the bottom)

Here's the current path statment:
\Wbem;c:\Python22;C:\Program files\PC-Doctor for Windows
XP\WINDSAPI;C:\Program Files\Sonic\MyDVD;C:\PROGRA~1

I have removed the last path (C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1
\AUTODE~1) and added a new path (C:\j2sdk1.4.2_04\bin).

The path statement now reads:
\Wbem;c:\Python22;C:\PROGRA~1\PC-Doctor for Windows

If I enter the command PATH in a command prompt window,
the path reported back is:


Looking at this, I see the only part of the path I added,
C:\j2sdk1.4.2_04\bin, is the letter "C".

Any clues/help is appreciated!
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  1. Seems like you are setting it incorrectly see the solution here
    make sure that you end the last path with ;
    or see the solution here.

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