4850 vs 4870 and version!!

I've just built a new rig with an AMD 6000+ @3Ghz, 4GB ram and WINXP PRO.

I want to get a gfx card to replace my 8200 integrated graphics but I'm really unsure wether to go for the 4850 or 4870.

I can afford either but I'm just trying to figure out which one makes more sense to go for.

I want the card to let me play all games at a decent framerate for a couple of years. I'm not a high res junkie so I don't have to have all games at the highest settings but I don't want them to look good.

I'm unsure on the merits of 1GB versions and overclocked versions of the cards.

Is 1GB going to make much difference at present?

Are overclocked versions worth it or am I just reducing the life of the card and increasing my electric consumption for not much gain?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. as far as oc'ing the cards you can probably do that yourself, there are guides all over the place so spending money on that won't be worth it.
    Since prices have been dropping 1gb vs 512 are only 15bucks differencce in some cases and it never hurts to have extra-especially at that price. As far as 4870 vs 4850 with the use of stream from ati which is actually part of the ati catalyst as of last dec. This program allows your cpu to offload large tasks to the gpu, meaning even if you're not after high frame rates your gpu will help speed many other things you use your computer for as well. As long as the software takes advantage of this technology.

  2. To be honest I would go with the 4870, it might be a little bottlenecked, but if your not looking to upgrade for years, why not. The price diffrence isnt to great.
  3. Thanks for both of your replies.

    You've convinced me to go for the 4870 and as the 1GB isn't that much more I'll find the best price I can for it.

    Does it matter which brand I go for too much or should I just go for the best price I can find?
  4. Hello again:) Got the PSU sorted mate?
    Because you`re in the UK, I`d say just get the best deal you can the EVGA `step up` programme does n`t apply here but I think their lifetime warranty does, as does that of BFG and XFX and since you want to keep it for a while, I`d look to them for first choice, even if they might be a few quid more than, say a Sapphire.
  5. I have a sapphire, I like it :) no problems with it here. Also, the 1gb I would go with,
  6. Yup, even though only a few games will use 1gb now, newer games will certainly benefit as developers give GPUs bigger and better environments and objects to render. Of course to see that benefit I hope you think about using 64-bit vista or win 7 down the line.
  7. I'm with you anarchy4sale, Sapphire is the best choice for any ATI card. My Sapphire 4850's temps are much lower than other 4850 models.
  8. I've choose MSI HD4850 for myself with same configuration...
  9. Hey. Thanks for all your replies. Useful information.

    I can't find a better deal than that first one I put coozie.

    I don't know wether to go for that one or go for a 750 watt one.

    As for the card defo going to order a Radeon 4870 1GB.

    It seems like the warranty vs the temp with Sapphires is what I need to decide on.

    Tricky decision. It kind of makes sense to go for one with a good warranty though as I won't be upgrading it for a while. I'm still undecided. lol

    Thanks for all the help. :)

    ... goes off to think hard. lol
  10. Hmm. I just found a better PSU deal on ebuyer.


    Is that a good brand though?

    Thanks for any help.
  11. Here's another one too.


    Do you know anything of those brands Coozie or anyone?

    Do you think they're any good?
  12. the best PSUs just now are made by Corsair http://www.ebuyer.com/product/135514
    the other ones look good but with Corsair you get what you pay for
  13. Thanks for the post and link.
  14. Your best bet is an Asus HD 4850. I have one, and I'm playing crysis on high at a resolution of 1440x900 with an avg of 50FPS. The HD 4870 is a very fast card, but the 4850 can still play games at great resolutions and not bat an eyelid.
    Plus you can save yourself £20.
  15. ^I'm using a C2D E8400 @ 3.33Ghz^
  16. I think I'll go for the 4870 though. The DDR5 memory should just give it a bit more bite and the extra money isn't a big concern atm but thanks.

    Nice results you're getting with the 4850 though.
  17. I had a rethink after your post crazy and checked the FPS bencharks on here for each card and decided that the 4850 is better value for money.

    I've gone for that in the end and the Corsair 650 watt PSU that was listed.

    I hope I made the right choice. lol

    Thanks everyone for all your help.

    Really appreciated.
  18. good choice mate
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