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I was going to buy a new video card in the next 4 weeks. Originally, I was going to buy an ATI 4870 1gb card. However, for Christmas I bought an Nvidia SLI chipset. I was going to consider buying a 260gtx 216 ROP card. My question is, as I have a 4850 1gb card and an 8800gtx, is there any 260gtx cards that are shorter than most 200 series and 9800 series cards?
My 2 video cards cards fit perfectly into my cases but I will be replacing one with the new card, but there is very little room for wiring or extra long pcb's. I am not interested in the 250series card as they are somewhat shorter, but I would like a better card for higher resolutions. Are there any 260 or 260+ cards which are the same length as the 4800 series cards or the 8800 series cards? My TV is a 1080p LCD and I would like something that will allow me to play PC games on it at high resolutions.

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  1. Hello.

    Yeah, I had a couple more questions. Any help is welcome.

    I still plan on buying new video card, but the last time I did so I was sent a bad one. I returned the card for the exact same card. The second one crashed my motherboard. Judge Judy wasnt available, so I sucked it up.
    My questions are, 1) Do you think that the 4890 or 275 might be hurried, increasing the risk of defects in the first run of cards?
    So I was considering the 4870 1 gb, but was not sure of the performance increase between that and the 4850 1gb that I have.
    Also, I would still like to consider a 260 216rop card, but every picture seems to denote a bigger card. The Galaxy 260 looks like it might fit.

    Also, the 4870 and 260 have a wide variety of cooling solutions and may be a better buy for me.
  2. 260's are very long cards, a lot of people don't realise that.

    Your best bet could be buying another 8800gtx and SLI them. Sell the 4850 and you'll have money in your pocket.
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