Adapt the Xtreme Accelero to the 5870?

Hey guys and gals!

Here's the problem, I've bought a really nice cooler, but I just learned after buying it that this cooler is only for reference cards!

I took some picture to illustrate the problem:

Reference card:

VGA Rev2:

Some shots of the HeatSinks from the cooler:

The cooler:

So what I need is a way to get the vrm installed on all the modules.
I am open to all suggestions on that project!
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  1. hi mate.
    Is that a Sapphire card you are using?
    Were those 4 coils in the green rectangle area always like that or did they have a cover ontop of them?
    I had a sapphire 5870 that was also non reference and put one of these coolers on, my friend is currently using it,i will have a look tomorrow and see what i did as i cant remember.
  2. No it's not a saphire, too lazy to reopen it again. But it looks exactly like this model with some minor difference like color of the board. The choke coils aren't sealed (only the top one is).

    The exact model is HD587X-ZNFC (not ZNFV; that board is adaptable easily to the accelero). It's a XFX

    I am currently searching for some tim pad and once I find some, I'll post some new fresh pictures with my new mods. Until that, if you have any idea or suggestion let me know!
  3. Sorry to bring up an old thread but I have been looking into this issue myself lately. This is one of the only threads I have found about this specific non-reference card. I haven't looked into other non-reference XFX cards to see if they're the same layout as this specific one. Has anyone figure out this issue yet, a workaround or at least another third party cooler that works with this card? I wish I knew about reference and non-reference cards before I purchased my card last year.
  4. Been doing some more research, never looked into the universal one yet. The heatsinks that come with the Accelero 5870 are specifically made for the 5870. They have a VR001 heatsink kit that seems to be much more universal and will fit all the RAM and VRM without a problem. The kit is only 9$ on mwave, I will probably be purchasing the cooler and kit tomorrow if I don't find anything to suggest I shouldn't. Will post back with results once I have it installed.
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