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Hey all i'm looking for a recommendation on a cooler for an i5 760. It needs to fit in an Antec 300 illusion case with OCZ reaper RAM with those big heatpipes. Thanks!
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  1. If its only for "limited use" (no pun intended) stick with the stock cooler....... only if you plan to Overclock or run games like mad, then look at other cooler......... antec 300 will fit a variety of coolers........ but it depends on the board......... then RAM placing, the capacitors, the voltage regulators and ofcourse the heatsinks on the board........ all these is to be taken into consideration before choosing a cooler...........
  2. You could go with the Corsair hydro cooler, that will leave plenty of free space for the RAM sticks.
  3. +1

    If you're going for H50 add another fan for push pull for bringing the temp further down......
  4. With 2 RAM sticks most coolers will work fine. Tuniq Tower Extreme, Noctua DH14, Prolimatech Megahalem, Scyth Mugen rev B, Zalman CNPS10X Extreme are all pretty good. (I'm using the Zalman, at 177 base clock, with turbo boost enabled, max temps are 70C)

    There's plenty of pretty good ones, you can find reviews by googling. is a good place too.

    Also, H50 or H70 aren't bad, same with CoolIt ECO or Vantage. They generally aren't as good as custom WC loops tho. Mostly on par with a good air cooler from what I've seen.
  5. Do you plan to overclock? If so, how high is your goal? No point in buying a $50+ cooler if you don't plan to OC to 4GHz+. At 3.6-3.8 GHz or less, a Hyper 212+ at $30 would do perfectly (its what I use for my i5). And if no OC, obviously the stock cooler would be adequate.
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