TEC water cooling and condensation

Would combining the full mineral oil immersion build (you've all seen it on youtube, typically in an aquarium) and TEC water cooling eliminate the condensation issue with the sub-zero temps?

I would leave the PSU and the water system (pump reservoir radiator) out, and put all core components under peltier and water.

Technically, the water should dissipate enough heat for the peltier to produce sub-zero temperatures nice and steady (with proper power of course), and the mineral oil should keep the components condensation free...

Its just theory, and I'm still very new at all this.

Plz tell me what you think.
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  1. You should ask the guys at Puget Systems. They would be the experts, and I understand they are pretty nice about helping out.


    They even have a forum.
  2. Is this a trick question? Technically speaking ..... hypothetically of course..... there should be no condensation on the immersed components as they are immersed in mineral oil... not air and condensate of water can not come from the mineral oil unless it is derived from the heating of the oil. (separation or distillation) in the event that the oil breaks down any water derived from it would either float or sink in accordance to the specific gravity of the oil....
  3. I posted on your other thread. Please don't double post:

    @OP: Best place to post something like this is at over xtremesystems Forums. Probably under the Water cooling or TEC section.
  4. I read this and I thought long and hard…
    I am a big fan of watercooling, but I just can’t rap my brain around why a person would want to do this?!
  5. You'd be better off just doing more for insulation than to immerse your system in oil along with TEC and watercooling. If anything, you might consider setting up a high airflow fan to blow over your components generating condensation. If you can keep air moving, you might minimize the moisture collecting on your components at below ambient temps.
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