Help finding 3.5 enclosure w/ big power supply (do I need one?)

While researching enclosures I came accross one possibility that reviewers indicated had a weak power supply. The enclosure is a Macally G-S350SUA & specs indicate it has a 2A power supply. Maybe it's just poor quality, right?

The thing is, I checked into my hdd's power requirements, and "Spin-up Current (Max.)" is listed as 2.2A:
(1TB Samsung 7200 sata, model HD103SJ)

Even though that's max, I thought "I guess I'll be looking for an enclosure with a beefier power supply" be safe.
But I can't find any.
Suggestions? A "toaster" or docking station would be fine too - actually preferable, IF it's good quality.

much thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. You do not need a more powerful power supply. My WD My Book 1.5 TB USB drive has a power supply rated at 12 volts @ 1.5 amps.
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