Stupidest things said to you from a mac fan boy

We have all had to deal with it at some point, it could be anywhere...the internet, a computer discussion among friends or a simple debate. From time to time you will come across that mac fan boy or girl who constantly believes his or her mac to be superior to any non apple product and just won't get it no matter how hard you try. I realized a long time ago that Ron White was right when he said,"you can't fix stupid', i have dealth with all kinds of mac fanboys and brought out hardware specs upon hardware specs coupled with detailed benchmarks but my facts were no match for the imagination of the steve jobs cult and i realized that i was wasting my time,here are some of the stupidest things said to me by mac fan boys,i would like to hear your experiences (and certain frustration dealing with them).

Mac FanBoy#1: PCfan boys are in denial of the fact that macs are better than PC's under the hood and are made with better quality parts

Me: Actually price wise for the price of a mac u get a much better PC everywhere else as far as specs go )as i proceed to show him price differences online)

Mac FanBoy#1:OH yeah? but they do come woith aluminum cases ? huh? do they?


second case

MacFanBoy#2: I think macs are actually better for gaming becase they come with better parts

Me: You do realize that the latest games are meant for windows right?

MacFanBoy#2: Yeah i know that idiot,i can play using boot camp

Me: Yeah but you would spend 2000 dollars on a machine that can barely keep up with the latest games

MacFanBoy#2: ha ha ha what a moron macs come with the best hardware anyway i dont need a shitty PC now that i can run windows on a mac

Me:actually macs don't come with the best hardware for the starting price of a mac pro i can get a monster gaming machine everywhere else while the mac pro can't even handle some of the dx10 titles out there.

MacFanBoy#2: watever dude u probably dont deserve a mac (as he proceeds to try and play crysis on max settings on an imac with the ge9400 integrated graphics you already know the rest)

third case (this one takes the cake)

MacFanBoy#3: PC's suck macs are a much better deal and dont tell me they are overpriced because the aren't with a mac pro i get a computer in aluminum case with the gt120 graphics and 640 gb of storage space!!!(he is actually boasting about this) and a xeon quad core at 2.6 ghz and the option to upgrade show me a pc wth all of that!!!!

Me: I log into avadirect and configure a system with the i7,more ram,the gtx 295,two drives in raid and cooler master steel case for less than the starting price of the mac pro

MacFanBoy#3: lol thats retarded, everyone knows that the gt120 is a better card than the gtx 29 whatever it is and what the hell is RAID?? and plus mac pro can always be upgraded to have all those parts so u still lose and we get osx

Me (growing increasingly frustrated):so you would spend more on a system with a less and then you think it is better becase the system you bought can be upgraded to match the specs of a system that cost less?

mac fan boy #3: huh Duh? dude you really don't no about computers do you?


special case

Mac fan boy#4: My mac boo pro is awesome it even comes with the 9600 m gt and backlit keyboard ad i can play all my games with boot camp,dont even try to tell me that there are better gaming laptops than this because we both know you would be embarassed

Me: I proceed to go to and configure a gaming laptop with the 9800 m,more ram,better cpu,better hard drive and blu ray, and do the same on the hp website but with the gt130 instead.

Mac fan Boy#4: yeah but the hardware i got works in perfect synergy with the OS

Me: actually you run windows to play games so OS is irrelevant secondly hardware for both companies is made by a third party there is no "synergy" other than the fact that the mac limits your upgrade options

Mac fan Boy#4 whatever dude you are just jealous because you don't have a mac but i don't blame you only certain types of people can own one.

Me: (unable to believe what i just heard)....yes you are special.....
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  1. Mac user #1: Macs don't get any viruses

    Intelligent person #1: lawls...
  2. Heh, I work at a hospital and at least once a month I have to deal with the worst Mac fanboy of all time, the M.D.

    But look at the flip side, they are equaly exasperated at how you cant understand how awesome their mac is. Ignorance is bliss I suppose.
  3. Bluescreendeath said:
    Mac user #1: Macs don't get any viruses

    Intelligent person #1: lawls...

    Yep. My vote.
  4. Hah. They think the hardware is made to work flawlesly with Macs OS.... HAH........ More like Apple limits your hardware choices to help prevent their OS from having bugs.

    I would laugh the day Apple had more than just one CPU company (AMD and Intel), a handful of 2 gen old GPUs (use them cuz the drivers are more mature) and multiple mobos/RAM types to choose from.

    Mac OSX would have a heart attack and die.
  5. #1. My Mac fits in a manilla envelope.
    #2. I can still play games on my Mac. (although even he had to admit there were no new titles)
  6. "Yes, but mine is thinner"

    (after comparing my eee with his macbook air for size/portability)
  7. mac users are retarded enough to buy a mac for £1500 whilst I can build a better hackintosh for half that even though I could, PC's are better for the simple fact that games work better on them (I know from experiance seeing a fanboy trying to run COD4 on all the high settings at 23fps LOL and my system costing half that beating him at 91fps *laughs out loud* I wish I were stupid enough to own a mac so that I could be just as blissful as they are XD
  8. I guess marketing does wonders
  9. rooseveltdon said:
    I guess marketing does wonders

    And many fanboys around the Internet (especially on forums such as this) don't even realise they are one. And it so happen they're the best marketing tool any company can have. People-people spreads like disease.

    Hence my signature. ;)
  10. "windows runs better on mac hardware"

    i laughed since his macbook pro was pretty much the same as my laptop
  11. Oh talking to a mac tech the hardest thing about a mac is Not the issue is what make the issue start. Let take Mac OS. If there a computer issue let say a program fails. The Mac has to repreduce the issue to fix the problem.

    Where windows You can check when the error started let say 10pm last night.

    To rooseveltdon I have that laptop your talking about M17x with dual 9800gt 8gb of ram and dual 2.8ghz. It will smoke a mac.
  12. I was out to dinner with some friends and this guy got a text message on his iphone. this girl at the table pulled out her phone and was like, omg, I totally thought I'd gotten a text message! You have an IPhone also! We are so cool, we have the best phone ever made. Before this mac-fanboy group could fully be born right in front of me, I decided to smack them around a bit. I asked, how about copy and paste? I didn't think so. How about Multimedia Messaging, she responded I have email! I responded so do I, but most people's phones don't have email and that's not the point of a multimedia message. Then i asked her about tethering. smack. Multiple applications at the same time. smack. Unfortunately in the end, the stupid group was still born and she raved and ranted about how retarded she was with her phone the rest of the night. I just have one word, STFU.

    Another time a guy told me how EEPROM actually made up the difference in between my 3.33 Ghz E 8600 and his 2.4 Ghz... "You see, with Apple's EEPROM technology it is more advanced and can do just as much with the 2.4 as your 3.33 Ghz." I almost punched him in the face right there...

    And then another time I went on Toms Hardware site looking for hardware reviews and found a crap load of Mac Fanboy editors who tried to say that Macs cost the same as PCs... And that's when I started going to Anandtech where they do hardware reviews, not try to convince me to use the shatty more expensive apple hardware. Seriously, wtf toms? You are a major traitor when it comes to helping people find quality, cheap hardware. All you wanna do is make love with your fellow fanboys and live in the blissful world of more expensive hardware and a network. Maybe you were all lonely, but now you have an automatic in with the mac social club. Unfortunately you left all of your fans, who like bad ass hardware, out in the dry...,1985.html

    It doesn't matter how many times I show a mac fan boy how much more bad ass my hardware and machines, which are running Ubuntu and Win 7, are they just live in their retarded little bubble where they think they are the total s$%t...
  13. A friend of mine once had a girlfriend that was from a wealthy family and she wouldn't have anything to do with PCs because Macs are so much better. We got into an argument about whether Macs can crash or get viruses, so I made a virus and put it on her computer. It was a simple thing that just disabled the protection that is preloaded on the system (which can't be done by anyone that doesn't have the clearance codes meaning YOU can't do it even though YOU paid for it), anyone with any knowledge of software could do it and any PC with windows firewall could have stopped it. She got a virus within a week that kept deleting drivers, she was less than happy.

    Funny thing is I just built her a monster i7 rig @ 4.0 Ghz watercooled with 2 4890s and all inside a super sexy Lian li PC-7FW with my heavily modified version of Windows Vista. She is now a PC!
  14. Also I would like to mention my laptop is dual booting Win 7 and hackintosh and I do love OS X, just not Apple for Macs.
  15. There are two things about Macs that are nice:

    - They have the snazziest industrial designs in the industry
    - The limited amount of hardware and software combinations makes it possible to do exhaustive compatibility testing and avoid some of the weird problems you do see in the Wintel world.

    If you're someone who places a high value on those characteristics and are willing to spend the the extra money for them, then more power to you!

    But in terms of price, performance and features, there's no way a Mac can beat a Wintel PC.
  16. I've heard Windows users say things just as stupid... there is nothing wrong with Macs, but assuming all Mac users are like a few idiots isn't too bright.
  17. Yes, there is something wrong with macs. Their hardware is overpriced. Inferior hardware for an extremist price. Once Apple decides to drop the "OS X must run on apple approved hardware" and allows it to run on DIY pcs, without having to hack it, then they will earn some respect until then they don't deserve mentioning on Toms "HARDWARE."
  18. Apple will never allow OSX to be put on any PC. It would negate everything good about OSX (That it gets few/no viruses and it has few bugs, the former due to no one using OSX and the latter due to the small amount of compatible hardware, which can be tested exhaustively)
  19. sminlal said:
    There are two things about Macs that are nice:

    - They have the snazziest industrial designs in the industry
    - The limited amount of hardware and software combinations makes it possible to do exhaustive compatibility testing and avoid some of the weird problems you do see in the Wintel world.

    If you're someone who places a high value on those characteristics and are willing to spend the the extra money for them, then more power to you!

    But in terms of price, performance and features, there's no way a Mac can beat a Wintel PC.


    AMD doesn't exist to you then?
  20. Typical Apple problem
    Typical Apple blame, it cant be Apples fault

    Typical Apple answer
    2 weeks later, and everyone having to wait for good ol Apple to fix it, since theres no work arounds like found on PCs.
    In the end, the firmware update was Apples power management problems, having nothing to do with the gpu at all, other than that lousy ATI card misusing all those lovely Apple electrons
  21. I don't know about the rest of you, but all I hear about is how "Macs don't get viruses" which is far from true as I have seen it myself and besides how many viruses does windows really get? I may get one harmless one every few months and I'm only running windows firewall + nod32 and Avast, not exactly a cyber fortress. I guess if you constantly look up internet pron then a Mac is for you...
  22. oooo ooo! i have one, one time this fanboy said that macs were better quality, i LOLed! i said "you do realize that they are manufactured using the same parts and assembled by the same manufacturer, right?" him: "what and idiot! everyone knows that i3 or whatever is made by apple and that apple makes there computers and parts" me:........ ( we have found the epitome of idiot)
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