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Is there any Motherboard specially designed for Linux ?


Which is the best Motherboard to use with Linux?
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  1. Just about any motherboard will work with a Linux distribution. If you want to be safe, it is usually recommended you get a slightly older motherboard, so you have guaranteed support. Sooner or later, the motherboard which is now considered 'new' will be supported as well.

    You may want to check out the manufacturer and see if there has ever been problems with the BIOS and the board being recognized in linux. ASUS has had reported problems, yet most of them work....I cannot really guide you to one board. Sorry.
  2. Example: If you bought an Intel i5 the day it came out. Put it on a X58 Motherboard and then coupled it with the greatest and latest Video Card, say some 2GB Nvidia GTS card that came out 2 days earlier. Then you tried installing Linux, you may not have success. Drivers will eventually come, but as long as it isn't like super-duper-duper new, you are probably fine.
  3. The question rather is what CPU are you planning to tuck in with that mobo?

    There are no OS specific mobo. If drivers are your problem then go to the community and search for it. They produce proprietary drivers quite fast. If you haven't had luck on getting the right one, then wait for a while.
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    Check here for Linux compatible motherboards:

    You don't have to use the same brand.
  5. Hi Mansun,

    Have you found any motherboard for your need?

    I am also looking for a motherboard for i5 - 750 processor / Intel Quad Core. My main operating system will be Red Hat Linux.

    This is for my personal computer and so not looking for very high end system but at the same time expecting to have 4 Slots with DDR3 support. I prefer to have LAN and Graphics cards build in with the motherboard as I am least bother about the performance of them in my system.

    I have been looking for this configuration for more than a month in internet. I couldn't find anything best suited for my need so far.

    Senthil Kumaravel
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