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I've got a problem with my recently purchased 260 GTX. I'm running build 7000 of the Windows 7 beta. When I install it and use the Windows 7 64 bit drivers, the screen is cropped on the top and to the left. Essentially it looks like the screen is off center. Also the color seems bleached, and it just generally looks jagged all over.

Now if I force it to default to the system standard VGA driver, everything looks completely normal. Its centered and everything looks fine.

I've wiped the drivers and tried both the Vista 64 bit and Windows 7 64 bit, but no luck. It still has the same problems with both.

Any one ever encounter a similar problem?

Think I have a busted card?
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  1. No, i think it is part of the beta ..I had almost the same thing in the beta w my 8800gts, especially in vmware when running windows xp, and also just the win 7 desktop w/o vmware.
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