NVidia 9800 at really high temperature, need help

Hey. I purchased an Inno3D 9800 GT and later I found out that it apparently has some cooling problems.
I tried tools such as RivaTuner, DualCoreCenter (MSI's Utility for controlling stuff that happens) and other stuff like SpeedFan, but nothing works.
I really need help, because when I start benchmarking or such, or playing games such as GTA IV, or Far Cry 2, the GPU reaches +75 celsium approx and I get a BSoD.
The setup is Q8200 QUAD at 2.33GHz stock (not clocked it yet), with 4GB of DDR2 ram, and a Fortron 450W PSU.
I really need help, and thanks for your time :)
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  1. 75C is very good temp for a Graphic card, you have to worry only if you pass 90-100C
  2. Hmm.. I'm not sure that it crashes at 75C, I'll run Crysis in windowed mode and see what temp it goes to boom, then I'll post it here.
    Although, I finished building this PC about 2 hours ago and I haven't really put any cooling into it, it's just the CPU fan and the GPU fan, nothing else.
    I'm going to put either 3 Zalman fans, or water cooling. Which do you think is better, and can you recommend me water cooling if it is better?
  3. Watch your cpu temps also, make sure your HSF is set right
  4. Hmm, it'd be kinda better if you explain it more "English-like" since I'm pretty new to the whole hardware-overclocking scene.
  5. HSF = heatsink/fan. If you don't know that already, slow down with your overclocking plans. :p
  6. Your cpu has a heat sink fan on it, it connects on top of your cpu, if it isnt set tight, all the way, it wont cool your cpu correctly cpu=processor
  7. Yeah, I know what a CPU is, heh, and yes, it is all the way.
    Well, I got into overclocking a few days ago, I'm mostly a gamer but it's time to move on :)
    Anyway, thanks for the help.
  8. Its most likely heat from gpu or cpu or your psu, since as its stressed, it bsods
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