Windows 7 One Speaker Working

In windows 7 only one of the headphone speakers work. If I plug it into a vista machine they work just fine. I can't figure this one out. I have all the drivers installed. Am I missing something?


Antec 1200 Full ATX Case (With Side and Middle Fan)
750W Corsair PS
EVGA x58 A-1 SLI Motherboard
Core i7 920 CPU
Cogage True Spirit CPU Cooler
OCZ Platinum 1600 DDR3 OCZ3P1600LV6GK
EVGA GTX 260 SuperClocked Core 216 SLI'd (2X)
WD 1 TB Black
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  1. Anyone?

    I have tried all the jacks in the back of the computer. Only this one works with one headphone only. It is also very quiet in windows 7.
  2. Physically separate machine?

    Sound can be a PITA, because it can be managed on a number of different levels: Some video cards come with HD sound, your onboard device and it's associated program, plus Windows... All of these need to be configured properly for it to work properly.

    You'll need to ensure you have the correct device enabled - disable any others until after you get the first working properly. You can add them back later. In the properties (right click the device) you'll need to choose the proper input/output. And you'll also need to make sure your 3rd party apps aren't interfering - i.e. the little app that runs your sound card.
  3. Yes totally separate machines. I have tried three others actually. Two laptops and another desktop and they all work fine. In Device manager they only show one sound device and that is HD sound. Should I try uninstalling all of the drivers and restarting and letting windows install its own drivers on it to see if that fixes it?

    This is my mobo:

    I have it plugged into the green HD port. The weird thing is that there is no headphone options in the sound manager options.
  4. OK... Quiet and only one side - whether you use the front panel *or* the sound card? Likelly it's mis-configured and you're hearing 'crosstalk' from a different channel.

    In the sound manager (type "Sound" in the search box - it will be the second result on the list) - right click a clear area and select "Show Hidden Devices". That shold give you everything the computer thinks it has. From there, there are two places: You can right click a device and configure it from there. And there is a general properties button in the lower left of the main dialog box.

    For the time being, don't worry about the front panel. There are a number of different type/style connectors, and just because one of them fits doesn't mean it's correct. To make sure, you'll need to check the wiring diagram in your motherboard/soundcard manual against the wiring diagram for your case.

    Is there a separate application to configure your sound, in addition to the standard Windows one? Both will need to be configured and properly sorted before it'll work.
  5. The front panel will not work. I was trying to get the back panel working before working on the front because I will only be using the back. I have the HD hooked up on the mobo for the front and not the ac97. In control panel there is only one option to change sound options. The sound is just onboard sound. It does not have a separate card on the mobo. I do not believe I had to even hook anything up for the sound besides the front jacks.
  6. I am having the same problem. I installed Widnows 7 on three seperate machine (all have the excat configuration) with onboard sound. The sound only work from one side. I installed a PCI Sound blaster Audigy card a got the same results.
  7. Good to know I am not the only person who is having this issue.
  8. I'm having the same problem.
    Most of the time it works fine, but sometimes only one channel works.
    Usually a reboot fixes this problem, but this time I've already booted 5 times and still only have one channel ..
    I have SRS Audio Sandbox installed and can see that both left and right send output to the onboard sound chip.

    Two times, I just couldn't play any sound at all anymore (not that I didn't get any output, but my player just wouldn't play any file. Tested this with several players)

    Sounds like Windows 7 needs an update ..
  9. I just installed Windows7 version 7057 into my Dell Inspirion laptop 9400. The soundcard that Windows7 default I installed did not work eventhough that Windows7 says that every driver was working correctly. But I was unable to hear anything.
    So, I went into the Dell support site and installed the correct sound driver for Windows Vista 32-bit and I could hear.
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