Are my temps too high?

My computer has been randomly turning off recently, especially when I'm doing something very intensive.
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  1. When I checked the BIOS, my CPU was at 60 degrees celsius, and I left the computer idling, it jumped to 68 degrees celsius. My motherboard was around 40 degrees celsius.
  2. What are you specs? And what is very intensive? Make sure your heatsink is on correctly and fans are in good/working order. That should be the case. I'd download CoreTemp, it runs in the backround, and uses no resources.
  3. For a Phenom II x4 the max safe core temp should be no higher than 62c.
    install and run HWmonitor and post core temps.
  4. Hmm... I think I know why... The case is getting awfully dusty. Let me try cleaning that.


    AMD Athlon II x3 (Unlocked to Phenom II x4 B35/645) (Overclocked from 2.9 GHz to 3.4 GHz)
    4 GB PC12800 DDR3 RAM (Overclocked to x MHz)
    ATI 5770 (Overclocked 900/1300 MHz)
  5. I wonder why the core temps arent reading right. Try PC Wizard again.
  6. If you have unlocked the dormant core and cache on an Athlon X3 440 then your core heat sensors are disabled, you will need something that reads the motherboard socket sensor then add a few degrees to what it says.

    Also if your running it with the standard Athlon heatsink its going to run hot after unlock, thats why the Phenom II's come with upgraded heatsinks with copper pipes. My X3 440 just has the L3 cache unlocked and runs at 56 degrees when in use and its only overclocked to 3.1GHz with the standard heatsink.
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