Overclock AMD Phenom ii 555 Black Edition

I've Given Up Unlocking the Cores on my AMD Phenom ii 555 Black Edition Just wondering if anyone is able to give me some suggestion as to overclocking My pc you already know the CPU it is on a Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2 DDR2 RAM 4GB
I've had to set it back to stock to get it running again as everytime i managed to overclock it i got to a max of 3.5ghz somewhat stable but it was crashing as soon as i played something like crysis for example


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  1. read http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/258573-11-black-edition-overclock-guide and try to ask more specific questions if you still have any. Also what cooler do you have?
  2. read http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/foru [...] lock-guide and try to ask more specific questions if you still have any. Also what cooler do you have?

    Stock Cooler on CPU i also have a old Dell CPU fan the ones that are directional 10cm fan as well as two 8cm on window so plenty of cooling

    Basically i want to overclock without frying CPU my wifes a hard ass and if i fry it ill have to wait a year before i can buy a new one LOL so im trying to find if anyone has got a similar config as me and have overclocked successfully without lagging up the system
  3. what cpu voltage did you use at 3.5GHz and did you run prime 95 or similar to check the temps & stability (if so what temps did you get?)? With the stock cooler I would think 3.5 will be around the limit.
  4. Just Stock settings i just used the multiplier in bios ran prime 95 for 6 hours everthing came out fine temp was 52 degrees celsius and went to play a game and then blue screened
  5. When you say stock settings do you mean the voltage was set to auto? if so increase it but keep an eye on the temps.
  6. Yeah Ok will give it a go tomorrow after dropping kids at school lol
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